Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Our Week via my iPhone

Mother's day! Mother's day was amazing. You can check out my post here to read my thoughts on being a mother. After church, Conryd and Evan made me delicious crepes for lunch. I like to eat mine with a little bit of butter and a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar and teeny tiny line of maple syrup. It's delicious and it's my favorite. My family knows how to make me happy. We then headed to the beach to play in the sand and hang out under the umbrella.  It was super windy and the water was really choppy but it made for a beautiful day to just sit back and build sand castles in. Evan must have known it was a special day because I only had to ask him one time to give me kisses and cuddles. Usually I have to chase him down, pin and down and force him to give me kisses. And then he runs away and we repeat. It's a long hard process to get loved around here.
I LOVE watching Evan play with his toys. It oddly makes me so happy. I love hearing him make his toys talk and seeing what kind of things he has them do. I think it's so cute and I love seeing him use his imagination. I could sit there and watch him play all day. It makes me smile.
Evan was so excited to help me make these muffins. He pulled out all of the muffin liners and proceeded to line them out on top of the stove. He then gasped with excitement and started yelling, "Mom! Oooohhh! Mom!" I loved seeing how something so small made him so excited.
Saturday was a windy day, but that didn't stop this duo from wanting to get in the water and swim. I'm a wuss when it comes to swimming. If the water's not 88 degrees, I won't go in. These two had the pool all to themselves. I love watching Evan swim. It's the cutest thing in the world. He's getting so good. Proud mama right here. 

This is a rare sight. This kid hardly ever falls asleep during the day and he NEVER lets Conryd carry him from the car to inside. This day, Evan fell asleep and let daddy hold him. Conryd made sure to rub it in my face that he got to hold him while he slept on his shoulder. I wasn't too upset because I got to witness all of it's sweetness.

I think this was Wednesday...So my friends and I are sitting at the park, just chatting away while the kids are off playing. All of sudden one of the little boys comes running up to us, looking terrified, saying that there is a robot crab over there. Then 30 seconds later Evan comes running to me, crying hysterically. I ask his friend what happened and he said the robot crab scared him. I asked Evan if he was scared and he said yes and that he wanted to go home. He was seriously upset over something that he had seen. Before we could leave I had to check out this "robot crab" because it sounded kind of awesome and not real. So I walk to the back of the park, looking for a robot crab and all of a sudden I see this thing crawling around and it totally gave me a fright. It was gross looking. And it doesn't help that I am the biggest chicken but I couldn't let Evan see me scared, so I tried to laugh it off and tell them he wasn't scary and he just wanted to be their friend. I'm such a phony, I know. The boys then realized he was harmless and were so intrigued by him and wanted to play with him. Crisis averted. 

And then this happened. These cookies. Oh these cookies. They are a copycat recipe of the original Swig cookie, which I've never actually had. So many people online have been raving about this "Swig cookie" and I thought it had to be amazing if so many people were obsessing over it. But seeing as how I am like 3,000 miles away from Utah, the closest I was going to get to trying one was going to have to be me baking them. So that's just what I did. I searched high and low online trying to find a recipe that claimed to be closest in tasting to the real thing. I chose this recipe to be my first try. After I frosted that first cookie and took a bite, I wasn't too impressed with it. It was drier than my sugar cookies and lacking some flavor in the cookie base. My friend told me the frosting tasted like flowers and it absolutely does! It's not like a bad thing but it was just different. As I chomped down on my second cookie I was sold and I totally got it. And I am now hooked. I can't compare them to the real deal and if they're anything like it but they are delicious. I will definitely be making them again, but will possibly make a few minor alterations to my liking. Anyways, try them out. I also think they're just adorable cookies. I love their cracked edges with their soft pink frosting. They're just pretty. And I'm in love. 

That covers our week. I'm looking forward to some fun upcoming posts! Hubby's birthday is Friday so I'm getting started on putting together a few decorations and a delicious non-traditional birthday cake! Stay tuned!

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