Friday, August 29, 2014

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Utah Trip: Part 4

Ah the last of our trip...
 I wish I could go back 6 weeks ago and then freeze time. 
This was honestly the (worst) best trip I've ever been on. 
Now to clarify the worst part. The only reason it was the worst was because we were sick for literally 90% of our trip.
 It started less than a week into our trip when we were all struck with this awful stomach flu. Then when we finally starting to feel 100% better, we were hit the cold flu. 
Fevers, coughs, sore throats, and runny noses. And we all know how long coughs and colds looooove to linger. 
I'm still just barely getting over my cold. It couldn't have hit us a worse time. 
I wanted to cry because I was so mad we were sick for most of our trip.
 It was such a downer, but I didn't let it completely ruin our entire trip. 
As you can see, we definitely did plenty of the things and kept ourselves busy for those (almost) 4 weeks. 
Let's just hope the next time we travel to visit family, we don't get any kind of illness!
Or I will cry and most likely die. Not to be dramatic or anything.

I am here to finally wrap up trip with the last of our adventures: Boating, fishing, amazing Utah skies, waiting in line for the Kingdom & State warehouse sale (never again), saying goodbye to Nanz, grandad and their crazy dog, a failed attempt at getting a decent family picture, and our long flight back to the sunshine state.

Moments after this was taken, he fell into the freezing lake water, whoops.

I hate fish. I hate everything about them. They totally gross me out. It's safe to say that fishing is not my thing. Evan on the other hand, thought it was hilarious. 

This isn't corny at all, is it?
I wish I was a better photographer because the sky scenery  that Utah has to offer is unbelievable. 

First in line for the Kingdom & State Warehouse sale. Didn't matter. Send a herd of woman into a small room filled with discounted clothes...blood shed people. It was pure and utter chaos 
Speaking of, I am trying to sell this bathing suit if anyone is interested. They wouldn't let you try it on before you buy, so it was a total guessing game. And I guessed wrong. Comment/Message me if interested to discuss price, please!

We took a late flight back to Florida. We survived it and Evan flew like a champ.

C'mon. Life is hard.
Well Utah, it was a great 4 weeks. 
I only wish I knew when we'd be back. 
If only you weren't so far away, and if only tickets weren't so ridiculously expensive to get to you.
 It was fun, it was real...until next time.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Utah Trip: Part 3

Guys, we're half way there! 
Does Bon Jovi pop into anyone else  head when someone says that?
Moving on...weeks 3 and 4 were spent with my in-laws in Provo. 
It was a blast. 
I seriously love being surrounded by family. Seeing Evan play with his cousins and get loved on by his grandparents brings so much joy to me. 
And boy, did he get a lot of attention! This kid must have been on cloud 9 for a month straight. 
We did A few firsts for Evan during our stay in P-town; bowling, carousel-ing, arcading, and Swig-ing.
 Everyday he tells me he wants to go bowling and go "far far away on 2 planes" (back to Utah)
I do too Evan...I do too...
Prepare for picture overload

Good ol' Provo. So much beauty. I wish I would have realized that more while we lived there

Reuniting with dad was this kids heaven

Fat Cats in Provo has .99 bowling over the summer. It was awesome. We went way too many times.

Ha Conryd didn't do so hot his first round. His 3 yr old son almost beat him...That's embarrassing ;)

We went to the Bean Museum at BYU. Ev wasn't too crazy about it. He walked through it pretty quickly.

Riverwoods is always a hit. So much to do... Too much money spent.

The carousel was probably Evan's favorite thing at Provo Beach Resort.
There's a cute little grocery by my in-laws called Day's Market. They had these adorable little shopping carts that Evan was all too excited for.
And their doughnuts...oh man! So good. Evan went straight for the m & m doughnut. I on the other hand, can't resist a good apple fritter.
Cousins! We love cousin time! We went bowling with my niece and nephew and then hit up Swig. Yes, THE Swig that I've been hearing so much about. And their cookies are just as good as everyone raves about. These copycats that I talked about here are maybe 1/2 as good as the real deal.

And we had to take dad to Museum of Natural History.

Another week more left to go. Excuse me while I go cry in corner as I reminisce of all it's greatness that it was.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Utah Trip: Part 2

I'm back! Wow, I feel so overwhelmed right now with the amount of updating I need to do.
 I didn't really have access to a computer while I was gone, hence the lack of new posts. 
My next few posts will mainly consist of pictures from our trip. I want to make sure I save all of the moments I captured so I can reminisce and dream of the day we live closer to family.

This post is our second week in Utah. It was also my last week with my parents. 
And guess how it was spent? In bed, with the flu. 
Luckily we were all feeling better half way through the week and we were able to do a few fun things with our short amount of time that we had left.
Prepare for picture overload all via my phone, so again, I apologize for the lack of quality. 


-To summarize...
I chopped my hair off. 6 inches! I feel bald
In-n-Out will always be my favorite. CA "born" and raised 
Pirate O's in Draper is one of my favorite places to shop at 
Their selection of glass bottled soda is a weakness.
I got the stomach flu and wasted another day in bed
The day after I started to feel slightly better, we ventured to The Museum of Natural Curiosity at Thanksgiving Point. It was awesome. 
We picked up my dad from the Provo airport and hit up Sammy's in Provo for some delicious pie shakes. 
My mom and I took Evan and my nephew for an exciting ride on the Trax to City Creek in SLC. The boys LOVED it
They decided to play dress up while my mom and I were shopping at Anthropologie
NeeNee found a pretty sweet bubble gun that Evan became obsessed with
And our last day together was spent with family up at Albion Basin. It was beautiful!
 Evan made his first s'more. He didn't care for any part of it except for the chocolate
And then, sadly, our time came to an end. We loved every single second that was spent with Papa and NeeNees. Let's hope it's not another year before we can do it again