Saturday, October 25, 2014

Last Minute Halloween: Tassel Ghosts

Looking for a few last minute Halloween decorations for the house or party? I have this quick and easy garland that will cost you less than $3 and take you approx. 30 minutes to complete!
Things you'll need:

White yarn ( I like the skinny yarn)
1 packet of small googly eyes
super glue
piece of cardboard

I was going to do a whole tutorial on how to make tassels for these ghosts but I found someone that already did it, and did it 100x's better than what I could have produced. 
So head on over here to learn how to make your tassels. 
Once you've made however many you want, it's now time to turn them into little ghosts. 
This is where it gets super tricky, you ready for this? 
Take one googly eye and place a tiny dot of super glue to the back.
 Carefully, without getting your fingers stuck, place the eye on the rounded part of your tassel. 
Now take a second googly eye and do the same thing.
 Repeat this process for every tassel.
 Once your ghosts are complete, string them on to a long piece of yarn, I used a plastic embroidery needle to do this. 
Super complicated, right? 

And if you're needing a few more ideas for an upcoming Halloween party, check out my post on our black and white Halloween party

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