Friday, September 12, 2014

A Black & White Halloween

Since the thought of Halloween first popped into my head, which lets be honest, was basically last year, I knew I wanted to decorate in the color scheme of black and white. I think it just looks so classic and sharp with just a touch of creepy. 
But not gory gross creepy, classy creepy. Can that be a thing?

A few weeks ago I decided to text my girlfriends to see if they were interested in doing a craft night with me. I had big plans to craft all throughout September to have Halloween set up by the 1st of October. I figured its more fun to do those kinds of things with good company. 
And let me tell you, my girlfriends are the BEST company. 
About 4 days before our craft night, my friend and I decided that we should turn it into a Halloween party as well. What was supposed to be a small Halloween craft night, quickly turned into an actual, 2 month early, Halloween party. And I'm not even a little bit mad about it. My husband looked at me oddly when I told him I was throwing a Halloween party. I told him he just didn't understand. 

After trying to get everything crafted and baked in 4 days, I was so not in the mood to actually craft the night of the party. And I didn't. And it was cool. I was a little worried about cramming 14 girls into my teeny tiny apartment, but luckily and unluckily, not everyone could come.  
I thought it was a great night. We were able to talk without our kids, and enjoy some yummy treats...without kids. That hardly ever happens. So I'd call it a success.

I'm also going to let you in on a little secret about throwing a it with a friend. It makes it so much less stressful when someone else can help provide some of the desserts and crafts. It's a sanity savor and I only hope my dear sweet friend will continue to help me out :)

I have also realized that I have gotten ridiculously good at cutting out millions of tiny objects from card stock. My poor hand was ready to fall off after cutting out the dozens of bats, witches, and letters...
 I definitely know what is going on my Christmas list this year...a cricut or silhouette.

Without further ado, here is my super early Halloween party

 The Menu

Chocolate cupcakes
Apple pie caramel apples
Plain caramel apples
Pumpkin pie (Provided by Kendra)
Nutella cheesecake (Provided by Kendra)
Pumpkin spice muddy buddies (Provided by Kendra)
Sugar cookies
Pineapple basil juice


  1. This is so adorable! I love the ideas!

    Thanks for joining the Link Up this week! Don't forget to enter the $25 Starbucks giftcard giveaway!

  2. So fun! I'm doing a black and white theme decor for Halloween as well. I'd love you to share it at Outside {the Box} link party Tuesday 5pm EST

    1. Great minds think alike :) And I will for sure share it on your link party! Thanks for letting me know!

  3. This is adorable! Yes, having a cutting machine cuts the work in half and gives you a break. I love my Silhouette and use it daily.


  4. The feathers are a great idea!! Super cool table indeed!