Monday, October 20, 2014

The Pumpkin Patch

Is anyone sick of seeing pumpkin patch pictures?
 If so, look away. 
Recap: Last years pumpkin patch excursion was a huge disappointment. 
I didn't have high expectations at all, seeing as how pumpkin growing is non existent in the state of Florida, but I had hopes that it would have been a little picturesque. It wasn't.
It started off bad and quickly turned to worse. 
It was so bloody hot and my child, who was 2 at the time, was a nightmare. I pretty much just wanted cry and curl up in a corner.
Lets fast forward to now. And then rewind to 2 days ago. We decided to try a new "pumpkin patch" this year in hopes that it would be better than last years failure. 
One of my friends mentioned one held at a church that they went to last year and had a good review of it. 
We tried that out and it was 10x better than what we experienced the previous year. 
The weather was decent and they had a pretty good selection of overly priced pumpkins. 
I didn't realize how cheap pumpkins were in Utah until I had to pay double out here. 
Evan was so excited to pick out his pumpkin. 
He's been watching Curious George: Halloween and all he can talk about is No-Noggin and how he kicks people's hats. 
You'll only know what I'm talking about if you have young child that watches that show on repeat. 
As soon as we entered, he had to pick up almost every "pun" he saw. It was pretty cute to see him rummage through the piles of pumpkins looking for the right one. 
And well, he never did find the perfect one, so I chose one for him and told him it was perfect. He gladly accepted it and carried it to the car all by himself. 
So far, he's had to show me the pumpkin sitting on our table and tell me how we need 3 more. 
Ain't gonna happen.
He is also so excited to carve it. We haven't ever carved a pumpkin with him before, so I'm looking forward to it as well.
 I'm predicting it goes down like this; We cut it up open, he gets excited. 
I tell him to pull out the guts, he won't. I ask him again, he screams "no" and then somewhere along the road he'll end up crying. 
I'll report back to see if I've predicted correctly.

And just because I love to reminisce, here are the last 3 years at the pumpkin patch...

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