Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Ladurée, Oui Oui

^I just felt like I needed to throw a little bit of French in there^

Our weekend was amazing! I dragged my husband, okay he semi-willingly went, to the mall in South Beach, known as Lincoln Road Mall. Lincoln Road is a huge outdoor mall that basically has every single store you could think of and also has an over abundance of restaurants.
 It was a partly cloudy day with a slight breeze which made being outside actually bearable.  Had it been a sunny summer day, we probably would have melted and died. 
And because a giant rain storm was just a few hours away, the mall was almost empty. 
Except for the Apple store, there was still a giant line outside their doors. Did those people not understand that they could have pre-ordered the iPhone online? Silly people. 

Our day was filled with Shake Shack and delicious treats.
A day I definitely will remember because we finally made it to Ladurée to try their macarons. And to be honest, I am not quite sure who loved them more, me or my husband...

 (Always sweating)
The sun did come out for a few minutes...hence more sweat
 (The husband trying to figure out which way to go, because I failed at figuring it out)

I realized that I really need to learn how to read a map. I led us in the opposite direction of Ladurée and when we turned around to go back the other way, we passed it...twice. Which, in my defense I think was easy to do because that store is almost hidden. 
I was expecting a huge door front with giant window displays of french macarons.
 Only being slightly wrong, it was a teeny tiny shop with a store header in a light gold coloring with a small window display. 

Although hard to see at first, once you catch a glimpse, it draws you in.
 It's a beautiful, quaint little store that looks like it's straight out of Paris, probably because it is :) Minus it's size, the store really was one of the most enchanting shops I've been in. 
The colors were soft colors of pink, greens and cream and outlined in gold. Everything was so dainty and perfect and I'm obsessed. 
And the smell...oh the smell of their macarons is a scent  I never want to forget. 
After taking our time on deciding what flavors to choose, we went with the pistachio and salted caramel. 
And they did not disappoint one bit. 
They are all I can think about. 
I am plotting ways to get myself back down there as soon as possible.
Have I convinced my long distance family and friends yet that they NEED to come down and visit?

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