Monday, November 17, 2014

Our Disney World Adventure

An adventure is definitely what this trip was. 
I have been dreaming of  and planning this day since the day we moved to Florida. 
We were only now able to make the trip up north and go. 
Last Friday, the night before we left, the husband started to feel a little off. I asked him if he just wanted to skip the trip and stay home. He insisted we still go and that he'd be fine. 
Morning came around and I could tell Conryd wasn't feeling good at all. I again, told him we should just stay home but he said that if he just slept in the car and got a good nights rest he'd be fine to go to the park the next day. 
So we hoped in the car, and headed out. All was going well until about 2hrs into our drive. Evan all of sudden started crying and we couldn't console him. We figured it was just out of boredom, so we decided to stop for lunch and let him get out and stretch. 
As soon as we got him out of the car, I could tell he was not right. He was burning up and his eyes were looking tired and sick. 
Great, out of all the weekends for my family to get sick, it had to be this one.
 We contemplated turning around and going home, and went back and forth with the idea. 
We eventually decided that we'd just go for it and hope and pray that everyone would feel better by morning time. 
That night was the worst nights sleep for everyone.
 Evan went to bed late, problems of everyone being in one room. 
Conryd felt awful, he was also snoring like a crazy person, which kept me up.
 Evan sweat the whole night and I kept worrying that he was either getting too hot or too cold, so I kept checking on him.
 Conryd woke up about every 20 min due to an awesome sore throat that started. 
Finally 7am rolled around and we just decided to wake up. 
Evan woke up feeling normal and acting normal. 
We thought, "Great, at least now he'll be excited to go to Disney World!"
 And he was, until we walked into the park and he just did not have the energy that he normally has. He was tired, he just wanted to be held, and he didn't show 1/2 as much excitement as we expected. 
We could just tell he still off. 
Long story short, we only stayed about 6 hours and were so dead by then. We all had zero amount of energy left.
 Don't get me wrong, I still had a good time and I'm grateful we were able to go but it wasn't as "magical" as I had wanted it to be.
 I guess this just means we'll have to go back :)

Now prepare for picture overload
Started off great! Happy healthy boy!
 We went to Downtown Disney on Saturday.
He was semi okay for this. Or at least he wanted to love it...
 Had some energy to walk around, and then it hit them both. The saddest boys I've ever seen.
 Everyone feeling good, minus the fact that we were FREEZING! No joke, we were shivering. 64 never felt so cold.

 Had to get the obligatory father/child shoulder sit pose. I think every person has a picture just like this with their dad.
 Seriously, they were not impressed.
 Out of all of the rides, Evan wanted to ride the carousel the most. These things make me sick.  
 Okay, this was stupidest one of them all! They need to make these drive-able! I was seriously all over the place. It was pretty embarrassing. Evan had to rub it in that he beat me and I lost. 
 This was pretty cool and I wish every ride had this option. As you wait for Dumbo, they have an indoor play ground that the kids can play in so they're not stuck waiting in line. They give you pager, like what you would get at a restaurant, and page you when its your turn. Two thumbs up for Dumbo. 
 Teaching Evan the importance of a Disney churro. It's a must. I don't think he understood just how epic and life changing this moment was.
  6 Hrs later, and he was so done. We all were. Pirates of the Caribbean was our last ride for the day. 
 We had to stop in here just to smell it's goodness. I guess one bonus of having a sick family is the lack of junk food we actually consumed. I had big plans to buy everything. Their illness put a damper on all of it. 
 Perked up just for a minute to throw in a few funny faces for the last pictures.
 "No, seriously, Evan. Stop. Say cheese and smile. A normal smile. Ev..stop. Okay. You win."
One cold, tired, sick boy. 

Thanks Disney World for all that you had to offer. We're sorry we couldn't have taken better advantage of it all. We'll come back another day.

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  1. YAY for disney! Just found your cute blog! :) My little family just recently moved to florida as well! :)