Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Surprise Visit

Ready for this legit excuse for last weeks blog neglect? 
My mom AND sister surprised me last Tuesday!
 It was the greatest surprise ever!
 Here's how it went down: My husband said he had to go pick up a merch order for work from some supplier. I was a little hesitant about him going to this area by himself because it's known to not be super safe. He insisted he'd be fine and had me stay home and get Evan ready for bed. At about 8:00pm he walked through to door and acted normal. Then about 30 seconds later there was knock on our door. That is totally out of the norm because no one comes to our door. 
Evan ran to the door to open it and my mom slowly peeked her head in.
 I was so shocked. 
I don't know exactly what my face or reaction was because it is such a blur now, but I'm assuming it looked something like those little emoticon faces that has the shocked look with the hands on his face, and then it quickly turned into the face with the tears pouring down their face. 
Yep, that was me. 
When I finally calmed myself down another knock on the door happened. I opened it and it was my sister. 
I'm pretty sure I just said "stop it." And cried and hugged her. 
I haven't seen my sister in over a year so this was extra special. 
Their visit was so amazing and I wish it could have lasted longer. 
During their short trip we had amazing weather if you live here because it was rainy, windy, and chilly. It was bad weather if you're visiting and wanted to take advantage of the warm sun and beaches. 
Because of the weather we didn't spend much time at the beach. The first day here I took them down to Lincoln Road Mall and had the most delicious pizza and of course, had to stop at Laduree. I think my sister would have punched me if I didn't take her there. 
Day 2 was spent driving out to the Ft. Lauderdale temple and then spending a few hours at the he beach and pool at the hotel they were staying at. 
Day 3 was a short day. 
They had a flight out around 5pm so we only had a half day. We spent it at Target and at my apartment.  I can't complain about my favorite place with my favorite mom and sister. It was a good day.
 Saying good bye is always hard, but I know we will have a lot of fun adventures coming up in the next few months, so that helps heal the wounds. 
Just a few pictures from their short stay....

 Evan loved having his aunt Bree and NeeNees here

 He seriously HAS to climb and jump on everything
 I'd kill for a pistachio macaron.

 Stormy weather couldn't keep these 2 out of the water

 My favorite picture, ever.

The view from my mom's room. Not too shabby.

It was a wonderful 3 days. A big thank you to my mom, sister, and husband for making this all happen. Until next time...

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