Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween 2014

Costumes. I have a love/hate for them. 
The last 3 years were easy when it came to choosing costumes, because Evan didn't know what was going on, I could choose. 
Now that he's a full functioning human being, he has a say in what he wants dress up as. Which isn't always something "cute."
The beginning of the month, Evan wanted to be a banana. 
Yes, a banana.
 Then he wanted to be Batman.  Then he wanted to be Iron Man. 
Then it was back to the banana, and looked like it was here to stay.
My only thought was, "great, how can I make a banana look less banana-y?" 
Thankfully Evan changed his mind one last time and settled on being Robin. Done. 
Robin it was. There was no going back
Halloween in Florida is so different than Halloween back in CA and UT. 
 Where we live, homes are non-existent. We all live in high rise buildings where trick-or-treating doesn't exist. 
What we do have is our church's trunk-or-treat or we can go to the overly crowded mall to trick-or-treat at the stores.  
We went with what we knew and went to our ward's activity.
Evan had a blast and keeps on asking to go again. 
 Sorry bud, you'll have to wait 362 days. 

 Apparently my husband missed the memo 
on me really not loving the whole banana costume idea...

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