Monday, August 25, 2014

Utah Trip: Part 3

Guys, we're half way there! 
Does Bon Jovi pop into anyone else  head when someone says that?
Moving on...weeks 3 and 4 were spent with my in-laws in Provo. 
It was a blast. 
I seriously love being surrounded by family. Seeing Evan play with his cousins and get loved on by his grandparents brings so much joy to me. 
And boy, did he get a lot of attention! This kid must have been on cloud 9 for a month straight. 
We did A few firsts for Evan during our stay in P-town; bowling, carousel-ing, arcading, and Swig-ing.
 Everyday he tells me he wants to go bowling and go "far far away on 2 planes" (back to Utah)
I do too Evan...I do too...
Prepare for picture overload

Good ol' Provo. So much beauty. I wish I would have realized that more while we lived there

Reuniting with dad was this kids heaven

Fat Cats in Provo has .99 bowling over the summer. It was awesome. We went way too many times.

Ha Conryd didn't do so hot his first round. His 3 yr old son almost beat him...That's embarrassing ;)

We went to the Bean Museum at BYU. Ev wasn't too crazy about it. He walked through it pretty quickly.

Riverwoods is always a hit. So much to do... Too much money spent.

The carousel was probably Evan's favorite thing at Provo Beach Resort.
There's a cute little grocery by my in-laws called Day's Market. They had these adorable little shopping carts that Evan was all too excited for.
And their doughnuts...oh man! So good. Evan went straight for the m & m doughnut. I on the other hand, can't resist a good apple fritter.
Cousins! We love cousin time! We went bowling with my niece and nephew and then hit up Swig. Yes, THE Swig that I've been hearing so much about. And their cookies are just as good as everyone raves about. These copycats that I talked about here are maybe 1/2 as good as the real deal.

And we had to take dad to Museum of Natural History.

Another week more left to go. Excuse me while I go cry in corner as I reminisce of all it's greatness that it was.

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