Saturday, July 26, 2014

Utah trip: Part 1

Oh my goodness how awful am I at updating? I really don't have any excuse for the neglect except for my pure laziness. By the time I realized it had been that long since my last update, I found myself 3 feet deep in laundry and trying to pack for our 4 week trip out to Utah.

It only took 2 planes and 10 hours of travel to make it from the sunny beaches of Florida to the beautiful mountainous views of Utah. I've been longing for this trip for some time now. I'm almost sad it's already here because that means it's going to end, and I have no idea when we'll back.

It's been crazy busy since the day we landed but today we laid low...only because my little guy has the stomach flu. Why do kids always seem to get sick when you're on vacation? It's not fair and just plain sucks. There's nothing worse than when your child is sick and in pain and uncomfortable. I would do anything to take that away from him.
And sadly, because of this, it's given me time to update the blog while he sleeps.

I'm pretty excited for the rest of this trip. It's going to be filled with TONS of family time, which is like my favorite thing in the world. And I finally got to meet 2 "new" nephews of mine. I'm also looking forward to reuniting with some great friends that we've missed terribly. And the last thing that I'm looking forward to is eating all of the delicious food that's here! I'll (hopefully) be doing a post on my top favorite eating spots. Stay tuned :)

So please bare with me as my updates may be scattered and non-existent the next few weeks. I really just want to take advantage of spending time with the ones that I love and miss so dearly.
You can also follow along with my instagram, where I'll probably be posting pictures more often than I am blogging.

Here is just a recap of our first week via my blurry iPhone camera:

 This kid was so excited to be at the airport. He was literally bouncing off the walls. It wore me out.
 Obligatory in the air photo.
First food stop of the trip, Kneaders. Basically Heaven.

We decided to raft the Provo River. That water was freezing and those branches are deadly. Super surprised no one was impaled.  

Best little cousins
 Evan refused to wear clothes...shocker. Sitting in Papa's car for the firework show.
 The "grand" finale.
Made a special trip down to Nanz' new shop to surprise them. This photo pretty sums up everything, super awkward and scattered.
NeeNee took the grand kids and myself to see the new Planes movie. Evan couldn't sit still for longer than 5 minutes. It made it hard to concentrate.
 They had to reenact the movie
 Evan was dying to feed the horses. Every time the horse took a carrot from his hand, he made that face.

 And this brings us to today...the stomach flu. Throwing up every 30 minutes for 5 hours. Let's hope this never happens again.

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  1. You ran the Provo River! Chris will be so jealous! One of his favorite things to do every summa! Miss you my lady!