Friday, June 27, 2014

Naked for the 4th...

...Naked cake that is...

Don't you think these types of cakes are the prettiest things ever? All I want to do is make and eat them all day long. Who wants to join me?

I needed a good excuse to make one of these beauts and I figured the 4th of July would be the perfect occasion to bake up a cake and top it with gorgeous, fresh, red and blue berries. And that's just what I did...only I did it a week early. 
So I guess I should call it a "27th of June, cake". 
This cake was so easy to make and the end result is beautiful. 
I feel like they're pretty self explanatory to make, but if you need some guidance
 I've done a little tutorial on how to put one together. 

What you'll need

2 boxes of cake mix
double batch of this vanilla cake 
3 cans of frosting, or a large batch of homemade frosting
toppings of your picking

First start by making 2 batches of cake.
I cheated and used boxed (gasp) but I really should have made my own.
Boxed cake is just no good after you've had a good, made from scratch, homemade cake.
Lesson learned.
 Bake up your cake batter in 8 inch cake rounds. You should have enough for 3-4 layers.
Once your cakes have cooked and are fully cooled, take a serrated knife and cut the domed top off your cakes, making sure the whole layer is flat and even.
Now we start to build.  Place your first cake layer down on your cake stand or serving platter, I put the cut side on the bottom so the top was smooth. Cover it with a generous amount of frosting and spread it to the sides. Try to keep it neat and stay in the lines.

Continue to do this until you've reached your top layer. Once your top cake is frosted, you can leave it as it is or cover it in berries or whatever you choose as your topping.


  1. Looks SO delicious. I'd love for you to add it to my 4th of July Recipe Roundup here's the link. I'm pinning this for sure. :) Thanks!! The little boy is adorable btw.

    1. Oops. Here's the 4th of July Party link.

  2. Hi Ally - I just love this cake! Visiting from i heart nap time and definitely pinning! Thanks for sharing and hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment and for stopping by! Happy 4th of July!


  3. I love naked cakes; yours is so pretty nom

    Pink Wings

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you. I hope you were able to make on for your 4th of July festivities!

  5. Visiting from the Wow Me Wednesday link up. Such a lovely cake! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and for your sweet comment. I really appreciate the support!