Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A Batman birthday party

This post is coming a tad late, a month and half to be exact. My little guy had his 4th birthday the end of March.
 Having just moved, we didn't really have any friends to invite, but we did have tons of family which was so nice. 
My heart would break just a little when people would ask him who was coming to his birthday and he'd say his best friend from Florida. 
But even with the lack of friends at his party, I'd still say he had a blast. 
For months he had been telling me he wanted a Batman birthday. 
And that's just what he got. 
Nothing huge, nothing extravagant. Just a party filled with yummy food and a large, loving family...and cake. A lot, a lot, of cake.

Happy birthday, my little man. You are my world. I hope you'll always stay my sweet (mama's) boy.

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