Saturday, January 10, 2015

I'm Back!!

Holy cow. That was the longest blog break ever! 
 To start off, we have finally moved back to Utah! And we couldn't be any happier about it.
Our current living situation is a bit off at the moment, hence why I've been slacking on the updating. We're at my in-laws in 1 bedroom, with no computer or TV.
 I only have my husband's laptop to use and when he's not using it during the day, we're using it at night to catch up on our shows. 
But I finally have a few minutes to catch up. 

We ended up moving from our tiny Miami apartment on Christmas Eve. Yes, ON CHRISTMAS EVE! At the time, I was stressed out of my mind and super bummed that we wouldn't be able to fully enjoy the holiday season because of all the packing. 
And taking down our decor early was just sad. 
But after a few crazy days of packing, we finally made it to the airport. And shockingly, being at the airport on Chrstimas Eve was the least stressful part of our whole ordeal. 
There were hardly any cars on the freeway, which never happens.
 There was no one in the security line, which NEVER happens. 
And we ended up being 2 hours early, which never happens. 
I don't think I've ever been so calm and relieved to be in an airport or even so calm while flying. 
It was actually amazing. 
And after 2 planes and 10 hours later, we finally landed in sweet Salt Lake City. 

Here's what our lovely Christmas Eve looked like.
Our last time driving in Miami. I can't say that I'll miss all.
 You can tell that they really wanted to talk and hold a conversation.
 Christmas Eve from 34,000 ft. up.
 At least we had "The Grinch" to help get us through the first 4 1/2 hrs.
 So we look tired and worn out, but wouldn't you after 10 hrs of traveling plus moving?
This kid could hardly wait to open the presents his grandma (Nans) had for him. She let him open so many presents the night we arrived. It never ended. I don't know who enjoyed it more, Evan or Nans.

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