Friday, June 20, 2014

4th of July cupcake toppers

So I've been a little MIA these past few weeks. 
To explain, my husband was gone for almost 2 weeks and I had very little energy or desire to write anything. I also didn't have access to his laptop/photoshop. So I guess I used that as my excuse to sit back for a bit and be lazy. 
But I am here today to bring you 4th of July cupcake decor! 
It's nothing too elaborate but I feel it turns boring old frosted cupcakes into something festive and fun. They were super easy to make and cost about $3 (or less if you already have some of the supplies) to make.
 Get creative and have some fun with it!
 I hope these inspire your 4th of July celebrations! 
You'll have the best dressed treats at your freedom day BBQ's and parties.
(yeah I repeated a picture, I needed 8 pictures but only had 7...)

For the cupcakes, I used this yummy recipe


  1. Cute! Definitely didn't notice the picture repeat until you mentioned it. lol!

    1. haha well I'm glad it was subtle, maybe I should have not said anything at all ;) Always my problem.

  2. I love the sparkly pom pom topper! I never thought of that but it looks like sparklers/fireworks. So cute, Aly!

    1. Thanks Kendra! I thought the sparkly pom poms looked like fireworks as well. It was the perfect excuse to buy them!

  3. Adorable! Thank you for joining us on the Wake Up Wednesday Link Party! Have a great day!