Friday, April 25, 2014

Get Fit Friday

(Where we plan to spend 99% of our summer days)

Guys, summer is less than 2 months away! How did that happen? I promised myself (for reals this year) that I would be in shape and healthy by summer time and guess where I stand on that? Yeah, I am not even close to reaching my goal. In fact, I am getting further and further away from it and closer and closer to... a Wendy's drive-thru ;) and it's time for that to stop. I'm setting up a weekly series called "Get Fit Friday." I'll be posting every Friday things that I did throughout the week to help get me on track. It'll be a modge podge of healthy meals and healthy treats/cheats, music that keeps me going during my workouts, workout clothes that I love, and how I'm improving or how I've totally given up on life and now all I do is just sit on the couch and watch re-runs of Gossip Girl all while eating cheesecake and pasta. 

But seriously, I am ready to feel comfortable, confident and healthy. I would love to hear from some of you what healthy lunch/dinners you enjoy and what your favorite "fit" things are: clothes, music, exercises, etc. Please share/link them in the comment section below so I can check them out! If you're feeling up to a fresh start as well,  join me in my journey and report back weekly with me or post to Instagram and tag me @oohlalovelyblog. Don't be shy! 

To start us off, here is one of my favorite smoothies that I too easily get addicted to. It's low cal and totally satisfying.

Strawberry Peach Smoothie
Serves 4 small glasses, or 2 large

1/2 cup vanilla almond milk
2 large peaches, pitted
2 cups fresh strawberries
1/2 banana
1 tbs honey or more to taste
1 cup ice

Okay this gets super complicated. Dump everything in your blender and blend until smooth. Pour into your desired beverage holder and that's it!
Cheers, to the beginning of a healthier lifestyle!


  1. This looks amazing! Thank you! Looking forward to Fridays now.

  2. Thanks Bree! You should probably send me some crockpot recipes!

  3. Ok, thank you for doing this. I just got cleared at my doctor's appointment (6 week post-giving birth appt) to work out, and I'm so excited to do that again. I'm going to need some inspiration and help especially getting back into the groove of things, so maybe we can help each other! I enjoy working out, but the eating healthy part...that's another story ;) haha. I'll join you at that wendy's!!
    Looking forward to this on your blog! :D Love this recipe, I will have to try it in my "attempts" at cleaner, healthier eating!